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Born in Hamburg – ANIN Rose is one of the most exciting new artists in the capital right now. 

- GigSoupMusic

London-based frontwoman unleashes her incredible voice on this soaring, piano-led serenade.

- Mystic Sons

Hamburg born, London based singer Anin Rose crafts empowering pop songs with a gospel twist. Having worked extensively conducting the London International Gospel Choir, her compositions are heavily shaped by the choral sound.

Anin has headlined shows at St Giles-in-the-fields & St Pancras Old Church in London, played in Germany & Sweden; but as an arranger and MD, she has also worked with artists such as Freya Ridings and Jamie Grey or performed with Hugh Jackman & Take That at the O2 arena.

In 2021 she started producing, which has really made an impact on her songwriting. Her newest tracks will be available as NFTs as part of the ‘Blocktunes' collection.

Whilst Anin has often performed her music with only keys and voices, ranging from 7-60 singers, her new Line up consists of keys, hybrid drums & backing tracks, using more electronic elements that supports the cinematic character of the new material.